Grassy Spark


A collection of our latest videos

Walking On The Moon

Grassy Spark collab with Strandwolf to produce a smooth intimate take on ‘Walking On THe Moon’ by The Police. Location: The Hive, Kalk Bay Made by Strandwolf

Living In A Paradise

Video for ‘Living in a Paradise’ shot and edited by Tash Montlake. The song was written and the video shot in Livingstone, Zambia at Greenpop’s Earth Fest. Special thanks to Jeremy Loops for his harmonica feature and Rory Allen for his help with shooting the video! We’re living in a paradise honey! Explore it!

Waste Of Time

Music Video for “Waste Of Time” Directors – Thor Rixon & Imraan Christian Cinematographer – Imraan Christian Editor – Thor Rixon Georgina Warner – Make up & Stylist Host & Organizer – Taun Healy ALL OUR FRIENDS!



A brief history of Grassy Spark
Everything you need to know.

Grassy Spark formed in 2012 and is a unique fusion of Ska-blend with multiple genres, where the end product is pure elation. Their beauty lies in the relevance and authenticity of each live show as they go out their way to appease and connect with their crowd. The “Blend” is inclusive of each member’s personality – the quirks, the ups, the downs – as well as being grateful for and learning from one another.

Meet The Band

The members behind the music
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Yanick Bathfield

Lead guitar/Vocals
Lead vocals and guitar. The genius, the calm, the unpredictable. He is one of the founding members of Grassy. He is also our producer and one half of the main writing section in the band; his ear for quality as well as musical direction is impeccable, and he has taken on the role of our engineer.
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Josh Riley

Lead vocals and rhythm guitar. The insane, the ridiculous, the lover, the over shooter. The second founding member of Grassy Spark. He is enthusiastic about all of the visual and musical arts; which influence a lot of his creative output in the band. He is the other half of the main writing section of the band.
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Lawrence Jaeger

Drummer and animator. The passionate, the high energy, the generous, the home owner. Lawrence is a beast at keeping time, and adapting his drumming to whatever challenges our newer material throws at him. ‘The Groove Buddha’
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Kevin Kok

Bassist and Engineer. The chilled, the quiet, the eater, the nature enthusiast, the optimistic. Kevin is our resident Bloem boy and bass groover. Kevin joined the band in its first year, and has been with us since the very beginning. He is always there to play the devil’s advocate in moments when it counts.
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Murray Buitendag

Trombonist. The crazy, the down to earth, the jazz machine. Being in the band from the very beginning, Murray also teach’s jazz and co-ordinates jazz big bands. Ever since he joined the band, he always has the baby that is Grassy Spark in mind, amidst the challenges of life.
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Chad Hendricks

Trumpeter. The sharp, the witty, the one who will leave you in tears, and a 6 pack from laughing. He has a particular gift when it comes to social situations, which allows him to quickly read and react to people’s energies. When he is around you know you will feel more than comfortable to be yourself.
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Simon Ackerman

Saxophonist and Synth. The hyper-active, the hilarious, the critique, the surfer, the skater. He is also an extremely talented electronic producer and our go to guy when it comes down to finding out whether a certain part of a new song is cool or not; if Simon digs it, then you know you’ve got gold.

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